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No goal is too illusive to achieve, no struggle is too hard to overcome. Those who continue the journey even when things get difficult will gain more ground and advance closer to their goal. Each goal is a challenge, a test of each person's will and dedication.

If we intend to succeed, we must push ourselves beyond what we know we are capable of which in turn will provide the extra motivation that leads us to achieve great things. Even though not much comes easy, when it does come hopefully we can find satisfaction in knowing our accomplishments was worth the struggle. One true measure of our success is cherishing the feeling of overcoming the trials and tribulations along the way and knowing that our investments though at times seem minute somehow has brought us huge returns. Why should we go the extra mile? Well, we have to in order to gain the advantage. More than anything else, our quest will require of us great commitment; commitment to stay the course even when the goal seems impossible. 

JPE Dunbar


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