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Designed to help you drop fat FAST. These 3 workouts are specially formulated for the time crunched warrior. This Functional Fat Furnace (F3) comes complete with my:

  1. 5 Nutrition Pillars - Top nutrition tips and tricks and guaranteed to help clean out the junk.
  2. 3 heart pumping, fat shredding video workouts - I will challenge you two use every muscle in your body in these total body workouts. 2 workouts are combinations of pushing, pulling, cardio, and core movements. The other is a core workout straight from the depths of my crazy brain. Guaranteed to build a rock solid midsection ready for anything.
  3. Grind Mode Training Scale - So you know exactly how hard to work.
  4. Workout Calendar - So you stay on task
  5. Body Measurement Instructions - So you can track inches lost and gained and toss out the scale.
  6. At Home Body-Fat Test Instructions - So we know that we are increasing lean muscle mass and reducing unhealthy levels of body fat. 

Each workout combines strength, cardio, and core movements that can be done with little to no equipment. I include some of the easiest to follow nutrition info that is guaranteed to get results.
No calorie counting, no gyms, all work and results.


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