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"Increase sport specific flexibility, range of motion, cardiovascular capacity, core strength, and mobility by 40% in 2 weeks or receive a full refund and keep the video for free!"


During your workout, you are putting your body through a lot of stress. Quick and powerful movements heavily stimulate your muscles. In order to efficiently perceive and process those stimuli, your body has to be prepared before exercising through a Warm-Up.

The Dynamic Warm up is a systematic method of warming up the body for any athletic or fitness based activity. Major takes you through a series of plyometric movements to progressively warm up your body. Then he takes you step by step through a series of dynamic stretches that increase the length of muscle tissue, mobilizes joints, and prevents injury.

Download your personal copy of the Dynamic Warm Up video and the E-Book training manual to take with you to the gym or do in your favorite location.  No equipment needed!

The Dynamic Warm Up alone can CONSISTENTLY IMPROVE YOUR LEVEL OF FITNESS.  Increase flexibility, range of motion, cardio, core strength, and mobility.

Check out this blog post on 4 benefits of flexibility and 5 tips for efficient results. Read more...

What do you get?

  • Hi-def video of Tee Major performing the Dynamic Warm Up in its entirety

  • Titles identifying each movement

  • Close up views to ensure proper form 

The E-Book Training Manual Includes

  • List of each movement in the Dynamic Warm Up 

  • Hi-Def images illustrating each movement

  • Kaizen Tips to completing each movement effectively and efficiently with proper form and technique

Who should perform the Dynamic Warm Up?

  • Sports Teams - Rugby, Tennis, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Track & Field, etc.
  • Children's Physical Education Classes
  • Elderly Men & Women
  • Postnatal Women
  • Pre-hab and Re-habilitation
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Everyone looking to improve their overall level of flexibility, range of motion, cardio, or core strength.

*Once purchased is completed, you will receive an email with a SINGLE USE download LINK.  Video Product is void of music and is compatible on iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and laptop/desktop computers (.m4v).  The E-Book comes in PDF and requires Adobe Acrobat program to view.    


Download to laptop or desktop computer first and use appropriate means to TRANSFER to your mobile device.

*This product is sent in digital format.  This allows us to provide affordable products to you.  This also allows us to provide you with product updates and corrections efficiently.  You will be provided with the download link via email immediately after purchase.  If you ever lose your program, you can re-download any time.  You have the freedom to print the manual and burn all digital files to CD at will.  You will not be sent any tangible product in the mail.

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